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Eletronic Security

Comtec conducts technical surveys, identifies and analyzes the risk factors of customers' business, and, based on the class and size of possible threats, designs a customized security project in partnership with its customers in order to meet the most diverse needs in the most appropriate way.

Its goal is always to reduce the risk and increase the efficiency of customer´s operation related to security, facilities, technology, logistics or allocation of specialized technicians.

In these projects, Comtec uses appropriate and certified technological resources for each area of operation such as advanced IP CCTV Technologies, including analytical video, monitoring of alarms and images by a control center dedicated to the monitoring of physical environments; application of communication redundancy systems, backup of energy and service stations.

Special and analytical camera

The diversity of application of the IP CCTV systems led to the development of equipment with specific purposes such as cameras that operate in virtually any weather, light or location, operating with thermal detection, night vision, 360 degree capture and 4K quality. There are also analytical devices that allow the identification of faces and objects (including vehicles) and can be used in the monitoring of restricted environments; they can also be used to indicate the presence of employees in unauthorized areas or to locate stolen items in environments with large circulation of people. Special application of analytical cameras consists in the reading and identification of license plates providing automatic access control and releasing only registered cars; location of vacant parking spaces and improvement of the flow inside parking lots, among other functions.

Access control systems

In order to keep the movement of people under control, these systems limit the movement within the company of employees who are on vacation or with irregular documentation. They also allow the release or impediment of access to certain departments or canteens at predetermined times or under specific conditions, such as the number of visitors at a time.  Comtec assesses the needs and conditions, including physical conditions, and designs and installs equipment that meets the needs of the customer and its audience with what is technologically more advanced in the market, including facial and digital biometrics, perimeter alarms (with infrared or microwave), among others.

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