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Consulting and Projetcs

The project is directly proportional to the quality of the IT infrastructure. Based on this premise, Comtec carries out tailor-made projects and consulting ‒ including Data Center movement ‒ aimed to meet specific needs of its customers.

Wi-Fi networks and site survey projects stand out as they develop more and more in response to the need for mobility and quality of connections that allow VoIP, HD video streaming and web browsing without loss of performance. In such cases, the sizing of the network, its purpose and, consequently, quantity, location and configuration of access points, information about the location, and the analysis of the radio frequency spectrum, are fundamental for the design and sizing of interference free Wi-Fi networks in order to prevent loss of data.

  • Data center migration comprising all stages of planning, identification, transportation and safety of server and connectivity equipment.
  • Movement of user workspaces, including equipment identification, transportation and adaptation of the new connectivity to the new layout.

  • Infrastructure Site Survey for all types of sites, identifying current situation and improvement plan or revitalizations.

  • Site Survey for Wi-Fi networks.

  • Development of specification sheets for standardization of sites, equipment, materials and inventories. 

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