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The Customer

By developing its activities to provide advanced solutions in Information Technology and Electronic Security for the corporate segment, Comtec is committed to the full satisfaction of its customers, in an efficient and profitable way, preserving ethical values, contributing to sustainable development and continuously striving to improve its performance. 

Multinational agribusiness corporations with industries and offices spread throughout Brazil. Focus on customer retention, with lasting and flexible contracts.

The experience acquired and the high standards of quality and requirements of the companies served by Comtec enable the service to other segments with the same requirements, proving the commitment to technology.

Comtec adapts to customer needs based on concepts such as stability, sustainability and flexibility.

Process and quality management model: main points

  • Identification and fulfillment of customer needs and requirements;
  • Communication and awareness of collaborators regarding the importance to meet the customer requirements and expectations as well as quality goals;

  • Maintenance of open channels for receiving criticisms, suggestions and inquiries from customers, and systematic verification of their level of satisfaction;

  • Establishment, critical analysis and fulfillment of quality goals;

  • Employment of adequately qualified and continuously trained personnel to achieve quality goals;

  • Identification and supply of the necessary physical, technological and financial resources;

  • Search for new technologies;

  • Improvement of already developed products;

  • Partnership with its suppliers;

  • Maintaining effectiveness of the Quality Management System. 

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